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Training And Research Center

Plot No -57, Rashulpur Sadaat, Chinhat Road, Lucknow-227105

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Head Office

529 K/54 A, Pant Nagar, Khurram Nagar, Lucknow- 226022

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Purpose Person responsible Contact Number Email
Training of field staff /team of development organizations and proposal Mr. Ujjval Sarcar 0860-187-3060
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 0860-187-3055
Commercial Goat Farm Training Mr. Saurabh gupta 0860-187-3054
Breed Goat supply Mr. Vinay Gautam 0757-001-8555
Sultan Ahmad Ansari 0860-148-7999
Studies and Field Research Sanjeev Kumar 0860-187-3055
Farm related Materials, Tools, Publications Medicine Kits, Dress etc.. Mr Suraj Kumar 0860-187-3061
Training Logistics Shiv Shankar Chaudhary 0860-186-3053
Marketing (Goat sale and purchase ) Mr Vinay Gautam 0757-001-8555
Training Wing-IIGMA Mr. Saurabh gupta 0860-187-3054
Partnercell Mr. Manik Chowdhury 0945-168-5108
Human Resource Mr. Rajib Das 0860-187-3057
call centre Ms. shikha pandey 0860-101-6888
State Project North East Region Mr. Sukanto Mate 0891-808-8933
State Project Maharashtra Dharmendra Kumar Ray 0993-612-1293
Pashu Dhan Bank Mr. Sanjeev Kumar 0860-187-3055

To Reach Training center one may come via Munshi Pulia or Khurram Nagar chauraha or Kursi road.

Ways are as given below

If Comming from Munshi Pulia

Landmark villages areas are - Takrohi, Amrai Gaon, Mohammadpur, then Rasulpur Sadat (Approx dist - 13 Km) , Ask Panchyata Bhawan and then Goat Trust which is 200 m away from Panchayat Bhawan on same road.

If reaching via Khurram Nagar

Come to Picnic spot, Take Gudamba road, come straight on road for 7 Km, A stone pillar have The Goat Trust mark, Follow it to come Rasulpur sadat and ask for Panchayat Bhawan or The Goat Trust directly.

If comming via Kursi Road

Take turn at Scorpio club chauraha, Cross Scorpio club, after 3 Km around The Goat Trust is written on Stone pillar with direction. Follow it to come to Rasulpur Sadat, Ask anyone for The Goat Trust.