Vision 2025


Mission 2025

"To transform goat based livelihoods from subsistence to significance"
  1. Promote 50000 sustainable Pashu Sakhies/grass root cadre through networking with various agencies/large Government programs.
  2. Establish a state of art Artificial insemination center in Goat to produce 500000 annual frozen senmen dose of l0 major goat breeds.
  3. Daily sale of 100000 liter goat milk from equal number of goats by 40000 rural goat farmers.
  4. Make Pashudhan Bank (Leasing of livestock) a Rs l00 crore company - 10000 clients @ Rs 10000 livestock as on average.
  5. Pashubajaar have 10000 identified high quality goats, whose progeny born through high quality bucks gets market linkages through advance booking.
  6. Promote l000 mini commercial goat farms through trained rural youths in milk collection areas.
  7. Establish IIGMA has a large training center for academic courses
  8. Certificate, Diploma & PG Diploma in Livestock Business management in partnership with like minded organisation
  9. TGT Global development services establishes 10 major state regional center to ensure quality training to aspiring commercial goat farmers/development professionals , developing a cadre of 10000 competent cadre within and outside India.
  10. Establish Institute of Livestock Trade & Marketing Research (ILMA) as a dedicated institute based on Pashubajaar experiences to train and develop courses at Deoghar.
  11. Establishment of National Resource center for Goat based livelihoods at Lucknow.