Vision 2020


Mission 2020

  1. To reach 100 partners and 100000 goat farming families to replicate and refine existing model.
  2. To establish International Institute of Goat Management (IIGMA) as self sustainable institute of repute.
  3. To establish Community Managed Goat Resource center at each cluster and central unit at The Goat Trust to ensure availability of quality goats & goods at right price for Goat farming to rural goat farmers/entrepreneur.
  4. To establish a Livestock development bank – BAKARI BANK with partners and collaborate with banks for financial products and services for small livestock farming.
  5. To develop a live body weight based pricing system and community to community goat and goat product marketing through Market facilitators and
  6. To publish books, videos, Field studies for the sector and establish Goat Trust as knowledge power house for references by academic and development agencies - Establish Resource center & In house reputed Magazine and Resource Library for small livestock based livelihoods.
  7. A resource center for quality duck & Desi poultry chick supply and training.
  8. To package and market goat manure as value added products for small gardens, flower pots, backyard agriculture / Kitchen gardening.
  9. To develop participatory training materials and videos to demystify technology and as extension materials to equip goat farmers with modern but pro poor production technology and production data based decision facilitation for enhance return.
  10. To establish Global Green Goats (3G) as an international information exchange platform to support pro poor small livestock based initiatives in other poor countries of the globe.