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What Is Breeding Buck Entrepreneur Concept ?

Buck Entrepreneur is Buck breeding facility service provider, who purchases a quality buck under technical guidance and provides breeding services on cost basis to small herd owning goat keepers.

Who is the Buck entrepreneur?

The buck entrepreneur is a person with progressive thoughts and positive attitude (man or woman) who render the mating services of buck to the goats of the village on time. He obtains credit to buy the buck. The buck entrepreneur work as the local resource person in reproduction of goats and make aware about the best goat breeding practices to the goat rears with the help of Pashu Sakhi in the field.

Why Buck Entrepreneur required ?

Most of the goat rearers, rear 3-4 goats as the supplementary livelihood activity. Rearing buck for this poor goat rears is neither economically feasible nor practically possible. Since, such goat rears are in the large numbers (60 to 70% of goat farming families), so the non availability of buck on time is a problem. In the most of the villages, the low quality scrub freely roaming buck is used for breeding that leads to low genetic quality in progeny. Studies in some of our project area has revealed that 25% goats are not able to conceive timely because of non availability of breeding bucks at right time. As breeding of goats in a area is seasonal activity due to nutritional and seasonal factor, availability of breeding buck to poor families is a limiting factor for regular goat conception and kidding.

In some of the villages, the big farmers who rear goats in bulk, also rear the buck that is used by other goat rearers in the village for mating but there are social biasness and caste restrictions apart from high chances of inbreeding. Sometimes, the young age buck (6 month of age) is used for mating because it lives free with goats. All the above mentioned situations creates the following problems-

  • The goats are not become pregnant on time due to unavailability of bucks.
  • The heat period of goats passes without mating. Since the heating period comes generally after three weeks, the feed and labour of three week time get waste.
  • The kids are genetically poor due to poor breed of scrub buck.
  • Since the bucks are not replaced on time, the goats give birth to weak kids and inbreeding depression is on rise.
  • The adverse impact on the reproduction of goats due to use of immature bucks.
  • This is also important to understand here that genetic qualities of one buck is get transferred among many goats, so the reproductive buck has the more importance than all goats of the flocks.

The responsibilities of buck entrepreneurs:

  • Procuring the buck of good quality and breed through using revolving fund and his own investment.
  • Making aware the goat rearers of village on the improved reproductive methods and rendering the buck services.
  • Caring the buck, making arrangements of good fodder and supplementary feed for buck and solving problems with the help of Pashu Sakhi.
  • Keeping records of the kids and goats, services rendered.
  • Replacing buck over a period of 18-24 months.
  • Keeping records of insurance and accounts of goats.

Cost economics of Buck Entrepreneur

Cost Item Amount (For large Breed) For Small breed
1. Purchase of Buck (replacement of existing buck) Rs 10000 Rs 5000
2. Feeding cost for 18 Months @1 kg grain for 100 breeding season days (Grain @ Rs 20) Rs 2000 Rs 2000
3. Medicine, Insurance and transport Rs 1000 Rs 700
Gross Payments Rs 13000 Rs 7700
1. Income through breeding services @ Rs 20- 30 for 100 services in 18 months ( 3 breeding season) Rs 3000 Rs 2000
2. Incremental value of quality kids born by own 10 goats @ Rs 300- 500 per kid and 3 conception in 18 Months and 1.5 kids per kidding Rs 22500 Rs 14500
3. Sale value of Buck after 18 months as grown up Buck during Bakarid Rs 20000 Rs 10000
Gross receipts Rs 45500 Rs 26500
Gross Profit Rs 32500 Rs 18800