Promotion of duck and desi hen farming as nutrition and income source with goat farmers

Duck and Desi Hen Farming


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Malnutrition especially child malnutrition is one the most serious challenges developing countries including face today .The Goat Trust had been working on clean goat milk production and its uses by children and weak in rural household.

Regular egg production can enhance both availability of high protein nutritive product for home consumption and opportunity to earn regular income.


An Egg a day: keep malnutrition away

The Goat Trust have standardized a packaged product of 5+1 Duck farming or hen farming model with housing, low cost feeding and management system building on Pashu Sakhi system we had already created. A local hatchery is established on entrepreneurial model to supply chicks/ducklings, feed and regular health services and buy back guarantee at a minimum price agreed upon. Farmers are encouraged to return either in case 50 eggs per adult hen/duck or cash of Rs 250 per female in equated monthly installments.

Package cost & Return to an ultra poor family

Item Cost Return
5 hen or female duck @Rs 250 + 1 male @Rs 300 Rs 1550 1. Average Monthly egg production @20 100
Housing Rs 3000 2. Revenue @Rs 10 per egg Rs 1000
Health and insurance services Rs 550 3. Average monthly income Rs 700
Feed for 30 days – 15 kg@Rs 20 Rs 300 4. Post EMI Rs 1000
Gross loan Rs 5400    
EMI for 20 months Rs 300