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Idea and innovation

One of main reason of weak linkages for small livestock based livelihoods is lack of enough experimentation and documentation available in mainstream. There had been stray but innovative efforts and many likeminded people are working on the issue directly or indirectly but communication and focused discussion had been minimal or absent.

The Goat Trust had innovated a low cost media to initiate a focused discussion and documentation around small livestock based livelihoods issue. This led to genesis of E- Magazine “My Goat: My Village”.

A small team works on its development and The Goat Trust sponsors cost of magazine through its won corpus. Magazine presently reaches to over 2000 development professionals with both of its Hindi and English editions.

As cost is significant in development , circulation and managing content, field visits, we are looking for sponsor for our HINDI version as we have large offline audience but unable to reach them as of now. Most often those whose story, we cherish to publish and read are themselves not able to read and see their photo.

One issue of HINDI MAGZINE – “मेरी बकरी: मेरा गाँव” costs Rs 20000 from development to publishing 100 copies. We will be happy to receive donations min of Rs 5000 towards contribution and name will be pun=blushed of contributor in the issue with due credit of photo and profession.

Kindly contact us if you wish to contribute towards this cause and magazine will have 20 page.

Monthly Magazine

1 . हिन्दी पत्रिका

2 . English Magazine