The Goat Trust team while working with over 80000 goats farmers strongly believed that learning from farmers knowledge, documenting and disseminating the best practices is critical to promote low cost and effective management of small livestock.
With this mission in mind we documented 80 best practices for small livestock management from dry land areas like Bundelkhand and rajasthan and validated it at our farm and in association with community.

The evolved process is six step works –

  • Documenting Trainee’s practices which has solved their problem and helped in keeping livestock healthy and protected from general ailments
  • Validating it across regions/areas how many farmers are using similar process and whats their experience
  • Doing background research on probable scientific reasons of such outcome
  • Validating technology at The Goat Trust farm
  • Putting into trial by making it a component of training information
  • Confirmation with field results and dissemination through our publications

The Goat Trust published a herbal based and home based remedy. We collaborated with SEWA, Madurai to use their existing practices documentation and their senior trainer were invited for field level plant identification and medicinal uses sharing.

Based on field success we have developed training manual and process on proven herbal medicines and promoted it through Pashu Sakhies.

We have standardized herbal kit and backyard herbal garden and still working on its promotion. The Goat Trust has recently also incorporated homeopathic medicines as small livestock ailments cure process and preventative practices. A complementary book on it is under process for publication.

Pashu chaat – This is one of low cost innovation by The Goat Trust team, where low cost materials are used to make Pashu chaat locally by Pashu sakhies or farmers themselves. Minerals being essential for livestock not only saves cost but ensures optimum productivity especially in dry land areas and with reducing diversity if plants.

Preparation of Pashu Chaat (Mineral Lick) by Pashu sakhies