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What is Kid Nursery ?

Rearing goat kids of high genetic worth (post milk feeding feeding of 90 days) under semi stall feeding condition for six months and ensure supply of quality goats and bucks in the village and area is key business and breed promotion goat of Kid Nursery.
A trained women goat farmers procure 5 to 10 kids of best quality goats of the village and rearers it under optimum management to get good growth and earns significantly through sale of such quality goats and bucks.

Why Kid Nursery required ?

Supply of quality goat and buck is one of essential component to strengthen goat based livelihoods. Ironically as kids of high quality goats grows fast and local butchers pays a higher premium price in comparaision to low growth kids, goat farmers most often tend to sale such high quality male and female kids. This depletes genetic quality of goats in the village and large herd size goat farmers are not able to rear kids properly.

Suck kids can be reared by landless families under intensive management system and as growth rate is high, Feed conversion ratio is best at this stage. In line to plant nurseries where high quality plants are grown under controlled condition, this concept provides ideal condition to grow such kids and sold as genet8ic material for further propagation in the area.

What is innovation here ?

Kids Nursery is a new concept propagated and technology of rearing standardized by The Goat Trust. A value chain strengthening happens as landless families and Pashu Sakhies take it an income generation activity and high genetic worth male and female kids are conserved and propagated through this process.

So it combines both entrepreneurial initiatives and breed up-gradation at same time. Innovation had been on new concept, standardization of process and combining entrepreneurship with social cause.

Economics of Kids Nursery

Business cycle 6 to 8 Months
Age of Kids purchased 3 to 4 months
Age of sale 9 to 10 months
Cost Item Large and Medium Breeds Small size breeds
Purchase of kids – 10 in number Large @ Rs 2500 and small @Rs 1000 Rs 25000 Rs 10000
Transport cost @ Rs 50 Rs 500 Rs 500
Feeding cost @ 500 & 250 gm per day for large & Small respectively@ Rs 16 -180 days Rs 14400 Rs 7200
Medicine & housing cost Rs 1600 per batch Rs 1000 per batch
Gross cost Rs 40500 Rs 18700
Receipt from Sale of adult goats/Bucks Rs 7000 for large and Rs 5000 for small Rs 70000 Rs 5000
Receipt from Sale of adult goats/Bucks Rs 7000 for large and Rs 5000 for small Rs 70000 Rs 5000
Gross Profit in 6 months Rs 29500 Rs 13700

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