Mobile Automated Egg delivery machine for door step egg selling



  • Like milk egg consumption is an almost regular requirement in urban houses. However egg marketing has not improved much in last decades at least in small towns.
  • Desi egg has high value perception to most of consumers but its availability under trusted brand and supply system is non existent.
  • Rural producers having backyard hen/duck farming are not able to get benefit of growing demand and special demands on large scale.
  • Today high use of hormones and antibiotic laced poultry feed, makes commercial eggs dangerous to health. On contrary chemical free desi egg production system is not getting investment and technical support as they are not organized and management improvement has not been in their reach.

Innovative Solution at The Goat Trust

  • We have designed a iron hen and duck, which will have egg dispenser fitted inside. Mounted on a small vehicles , it will go each colony and people can feed cash in its mouth and it will deliver egg with typical egg laying process sound.
  • Its promotional process but real idea is to supply dated eggs in a carry friendly package and door step delivery on order of eggs to household.