Low cost effective mobilization strategy for Goat farmers : Mobile Video Show Concept


Rural people relate better with visuals and stories rather than oral communication. Believing on this basis , The Goat Trust innovated a mobile based video show which moves to different hamlets at stipulated time to organize a video show on desired messages conveyed through a small film.

Led TV is fitted in back of mobile van is used to show video films on desired messages.

Following distinct advantages had been noted through such shows –

  • LED TV works fine even in day light and with high volume speakers messages are shared reducing ill effect of cacophony such gathering generate.
  • Being a story based presentation, people gets attracted to see it. Mobile Van have posters pasted on it making it center of attraction and people gets around Van to know more about products and schemes.
  • Cost of message sharing gets reduced to less than Rs 10 per client as one video show costs Rs 300. It is cheaper than alternative cost of organizing meetings and facilitation by a trained person. However this works as complementation not replacement of human intervention.
  • Regular video show is possible as many a times all target audience may not be covered in a single video show.
  • Recall capacity of a show is much better than oral communication and live story and interviews help them to relate.
  • An award on best recalling and understanding through small quizzes post video show helps in spreading the message.
  • It helps in creating a general awareness in the village rather than communication with only a small group as eco system changes in practice adoption is more important than isolated effort.


  • Team prepares a plan of video show in identified village with message identification as per need and problems identified in particular area or product to be promoted.
  • Pashu sakhies normally inform some target segments about video show.
  • A common place in poor hamlets are identified for video show where male and female can come together.
  • Video show precedes some patriotic songs or songs related to message developed locally and recorded.
  • Once around 20 to 30 people gathers, video show is played by people are facilitated to sit in semi circle to have maximum visibility.
  • Post show a quiz is organized and audience have to provide response based on video messages.
  • Best responses are encourages through clap and a small gift (Tiffin box, cup) and trophies are given to children.
  • A product or scheme brochure with product details printed (Back cover with photo of God or religious beliefs) are handed over to literate person to recall product and its features like Goat/ duck micro leasing scheme or facilities at our Livestock Business center.
  • A contact number is printed on pamphlets for further information or visit to center.
  • Queries for further information is solicited and clarified on the spot by accompanying person.
  • An action plan of interested person for further process is developed and noted in directory for contact.

Cost and impact –

Our experiences of facilitating over 300 video shows had shown that adoption of practices is increased by 30 to 65% and product sale has rose by 40% as on average after three video show on a particular product. Cost seems 40% less than conventional mechanism of meeting and oral communication.

Mobile video shows Glimpses –