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Goat manure in spite of high value has no economic return especially when significant number of goat farmers is landless families. Contrary to it cash income, goat manure creates a filthy condition in village especially in rainy season. There is hardly any economic value attached to the same till now.

On the other hand most of farmers understand and rate goat manure as best manure for their fields. There is also significant demand of manure for urban agriculture and gardening.

So on one hand its getting wasted in rural India and on other there is product demand in semi urban and urban area.


Building on analysed and observed opportunities, The Goat Trust have developed and standardized this product and developed a packaged product for urban and rural sale. We aim to monetize this product to achieve the objectives of

  • Providing hitherto unknown revenue source to goat owners
  • Promoting branded organic product which will lead to future expansion of product portfolio
  • Customer delight by using organic manure leading to better results
  • Employing a team of female employees who do the collection part
  • Promoting other entrepreneurs in the villages who do the collection and packaging work
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