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Rice is largest staple food in Indian sub continent and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides has adversely affected not only production but entry of harmful chemical fertilizer and pesticide to human food making our most sought after food detrimental to health and disease inducer.

This calls for alternative biological pest control and manure application to enhance sustainable rice production and provide nutritious chemical free foods to our mass population.

Rice duck farming is one such innovation practicized by many developed and developing countries with Japan taking a lead. Rice duck integration is a low cost biologically synergistic relation where ducks provides manures and puddling effect and eats pests and weeds, making it mutually beneficial.

Experiences at The Goat Trust

The Goat piloted this concept near Lucknow with 30 rice farmers and developed a standard package and audio visual training materials for further up scaling .

First pilot in July to October 2015 has shown following results –

Number of Rice duck farmers 30
Villages covered 6
Average weight of ducklings distributed 189 gm
Age of ducklings 35 days
Average body weight of ducks in 45 days 991 gm
Average body weight gain 800 gm
Per duck profit Rs 145
Profit per farmer with 30 ducks (45 days) Rs 4348
Estimated saving of cost in pesticides per farmer Rs 455
Estimated profit by rice production enhancement per farmer Rs 745
Gross profit per farmer through integrated farming Rs 5548
Potential through providing increased price as non chemical rice (10% more price) Rs 2100
Potential profit to farmer Rs 7648

For duration of just 45 days to 60 days of integration, return seems significant. However sample size remaining small, above calculation has to be tested on larger scale and actual profit may vary by 10 to 20% higher or lower side.

Photo glimpses

Training at The Goat Trust of Potential Rice duck farmer-

Brooding of ducklings at The Goat Trust-


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