Transforming Veterinary Hospital as a community Managed Livestock Business center


As per sample based perception study by The Livestock Trust, on institution of relevance for livelihoods in rural India , Veterinary Hospitals are considered 4th most critical service center and 20th (3rd Lowest) institution of real function for villagers (Total 20 Institutions identified and perception rating done). Study had provided insight about less functional value of veterinary hospital due to focus on only treatment. Accessibility, acceptability and affordability (due to high cost of livestock transport and time involved) all three were rated low for veterinary hospitals. Study findings led The Livestock Trust ,to work on establishing a one place livestock Business center, which caters breeding services, Quality feed supply, fodder seed supply, training, finance (micro leasing, livestock credit card and micro insurance) and live body weight marketing services as an integrated services along with health care and treatment facility.

Community Livestock Business Center (CLBC) is a small livestock business facilitation center to facilitate input linkage, enhance access to knowledge and skills for improved goat farming through training and demonstration and provide livestock business linkages on cost recovery basis.

Major functions of Community Livestock Business Center (CLBC) are

  • Training of goat farmers.
  • Provide livestock farming Input Services
  • Facilitate Livestock marketing system
  • Chanelise financial services for improved livestockfarming

Details of these services are as follows –

Main Function Details of Function
A. Training
  1. Induction Training of new members
  2. Exposure visits of local and outside goat farmers
  3. Training subject –
    • Improved goat farming – 2 days with field practice
    • Herbal preparation –2 days
    • Livestock product value addition and live body weight Livestock market value assessment – 2 days
    • Kids Nursery Management training to pashuSakhies and community leaders – 2 days
B. Supply of Inputs
  1. Breeding services – Natural & A.I
  2. Feed preparation , packaging & supply
  3. Vaccine & medicine bulk procurement & supply
  4. Herbal medicine preparation & supply
  5. Fodder seeds and Nursery plant
  6. SMS alert to PashuSakhies & registered members
  7. High quality kids/Livestock supply
C. Output Marketing
  1. Livestock manure packaging and sale
  2. Live body weight Livestock purchase & sale
  3. Bulk Livestock order supply for rearing & institutional requirement like marriages/festivals
  4. Livestock milk products like soap, paneer & beauty products
D. Financial Services
  1. Livestock Credit card for input supply
  2. Leasing of female Livestocks
  3. Community Insurance
  4. Investment in Livestock farm with fixed return
  5. Linkage with Banks/Financial institutions