Support Services


Support Services of The Goat Trust

Work of The Goat Trust

  1. Training and Field Support
  2. Fee based Training
  3. Research & Tech Development
  4. Support in micro leasing
  5. Support in Goat farm
  6. Field Studies
  7. Tools and Equipments
  8. Social Enterprise programs

1 . Community training and field support to development organization /NGOs

The Goat Trust by design works in network mode for a particular geographical area to support 5 to 10 organisations on a long term basis. In such cases starting from problem analysis up to successful implementation of key concepts are supported by The Goat Trust. Presently two such network in Rajasthan and Bundelkhand has been successfully supported by The Goat Trust. As on average Individual support of Goat Trust to a development project on goat based livelihoods costs around 2.5 to 3 Lakh per year for reaching to 600 goat farmers.

2 . Commercial Goat Farm support

The Goat Trust proactively identifies progressive goat farmers and potential Goat farm entrepreneurs to train and support them as commercial goat farmers. Such support consists of a package of services over a period of six months to 18 months.

Package A : One year technical and farm lay out support
S. No Support Activity Duration Cost Estimated total cost
1. Training cost of Farm manager/Entrepreneur 4 days residential & reference materials Rs 5000 per person Rs 10000
2. Training of farm worker 7 days at Demonstration farm Rs 3500 per person Rs 7000
3. Technical site assessment and farm lay out plan One day field visit & farm lay out design (sketch), dimensions of feeding manger, water turf, weighing scale Rs 10000 excluding Train travel related cost, lodge board Rs 15000 (Estimated with travel cost)
4. Business plan – proposal development Within 15 days of site visit Rs 10000 Rs 10000
5. On site visit after goat induction One day Rs 7500 Rs 5000
6. Goat farm data management formats and systems In house Rs 5000 Rs 3000
7. Periodic farm visit and technical support On site technical support -2 Rs 5000 Rs 10000
8.       Rs 60000
  1. Goats will be supplied as TGT policy & terms as annexure 1
  2. Vaccines and farm materials can be directly purchased from The Goat Trust by paying cost through cash or draft favouring The Goat Trust or its sister concerns.
  3. 40% of total package cost need to be paid advanced to plan our professional engagements and rest as per work completion report and Invoice sent to client.
  4. Phone and email support for technical discussions and problems will be complementary as one call per week of association
  5. Present cost is per farm for a maximum 200 goats for one year support. Large goat farm need 10% increment in field visit cost
  6. Name of The Goat Trust, Lucknow as Technical support organization has to be placed at farm and all training materials and formats received from The Goat Trust need due acknowledgement in all promotion and publicity materials.
  7. The Goat Trust will endeavour to link saleable goats / Bucks of the farm at 10% less price than its procurement price excluding transportation cost up to The Goat Trust center. This is a facilitation for business growth and however no party is obliged to follow this as condition of support.

3 . Helping mFIs to start Goat based livelihoods financial services

This is a collaborative effort wherein designing and launching of products and technical inputs to reduce asset loss are provided by The Goat Trust. This comprises

  1. Training of staff on “Bakari Bank Concept”,
  2. Sharing of formats and quality monitoring process.
  3. Field assessment and product designing & monitoring
  4. Technical support to train service provide & input linkages

4 . Supply of quality goats and Poultry/Ducks

Supply of breeding stock is done on live body weight basis and as per criteria shared. Salient policy of The Goat Trust breed goat supply is as below –

  1. A quality – 0 to 4 teeth
  2. quality goat – 6 to 8 teeth
  3. Sample technical approval of breed and quality
  4. Delivery from The Goat Trust center in Lucknow (For U.P), Ajmer (Rajasthan) and Angar Block - Ranchi (Jharkhand and Bihar)
  5. States – Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh
  6. Preparation time to supply – Minimum one month of date of advance released
  7. 50% advance payment of total supply request
  8. Min supply order – 10 goats or Bucks

Rate of Goat Breed supply as on 30th Nov, 2013 (may be changed as per prevailing rate at time of supply)

Quality Breed Teeth Body weight(Min) Live body weight per kg Rate Procurement charges (Transport, in custody feeding, HR, Tag, vaccines, deworming) Replacement charges in case of Mortality At TGT supply center
7 Days 15 Days
A U.P local breed (Black Bengal variant) 0 to 4 13 Kg Rs 150 Rs 600 Rs 75 per supplied goats Rs 150 per supplied goats
B U.P local breed 6 to 8 16 Kg Rs 140 Rs 500 Rs 100 per supplied goats Rs 200 per supplied goats
A U.P local breed 0 to 4 20 Kg Rs 200 Rs 600
A Sirohi (Rajasthan Only) 0 to 4 20 Kg Rs 250 Rs 600 Rs 75 per goats Rs 150 per goats
A Sirohi Buck 0 to 4 24 Kg Rs 300 Rs 600 Rs 100 per goats Rs 200 per goats
A Barbari (U.P only) 0 to 4 18 Kg Rs 190 Rs 600 Rs 75 per goats Rs 150 per goats
A Barbari Buck 0 to 4 18 Kg Rs 250 Rs 600 Rs 75 per goats Rs 150 per goats
A Jamanapari goats 0 to 4 18 Kg Rs 275 Rs 600 Rs 75 per goats Rs 150 per goats
A Jamanapari Bucks 0 to 4 18 Kg Rs 350 Rs 600 Rs 75 per goats Rs 150 per goats
  1. Training and kit is compulsory for The Goat Trust supply, otherwise no replacement will be agreed. Replacement will be only of dead goats and once accepted, there will be no replacement on quality issues.
  2. Replacement will be on live body weight of dead goats to be adjusted by 10% over or below with number of goats.
  3. Replacement shall be done based on visual photo verification (with Tag no. clearly visible) and information within 48 hours of death through mails.
  4. All communication in this regard shall be with a single person at The Goat Trust.
  5. All goat photo and details will be uploaded on websites.
  6. Payment have to be cleared while receiving goats at The Goat Trust center.