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Caprico and Duenna

The Goat Trust having dedicatedly worked in the goat value chain efficiency enhancement area, has felt the need to promote goat based products among the rural as well as urban masses. The need is a result of the low awareness of the health and comedogenic  benefits of goat milk based products and the income enhancement avenues for goat farmers. Considering the need for the forward marketing of goat based products, TGT came up with the idea of selling goat milk in recyclable packaging to the urban consumers in and around our base, i.e. Lucknow. What started as an experiment slowly picked up during Covid and flu season as a health supplement is now fetching repeat purchase and regular customers. We have already reached a milestone of 10,000 lts of sale of Caprico till 2023 and have partnered with Central Institute for Medicinal & Aromatic plants (CSIR lab at Lucknow) to develop herb fed goat milk and fortified products.