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Commercial goat farming training in Bhagauli, Fatehpur, UP

The Goat Trust has been working in Fatehpur block of Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh for a long time now to make goat rearing a self-sustainable business by intervening in the goat value chain. In this series of efforts, TGT, working as a technical partner for The Nudge Foundation, held a two day long commercial goat farmer training camp for the Swablambi Mahila Bakari Palak Farmer producer Company in village Bhagauli. 20 particpants, mostly women members attended the training. The objectives of the training were to provide comparative economics of traditional and improved farming in order to facilitate informed decision making, build skills of improved herd health management, housing, sanitation and low cost feed alternatives to ensure proper nutrition to goat in commercial farm, making aware on value addition and marketing of goat products to realize enhanced incomes, making aware of the financial and insurance support for such commercial goat rearing activity, making aware on digital record keeping for better monitoring and effective decision making. The training was conducted to obtain expected outcomes of farmers adopting good practices of commercial goat farming, improvement of housing and sanitation, adoption of supplementary feeding, herbs based products and periodic weighing, adoption of improved buck for breeding and financial and insurance linkage for commercial goat rearers.