TGT Group Of Social Ventures

Pashudhan Bank

Pashudhan bank provides both financial and non-financial services to the goat farmers. Goat farmers had been acquiring productive assets by leasing their goats with the landlords or the moneylenders. The financial product identified is based on ‘banking on hooves and wings’ and it involves leasing of quality goats and birds, small livestock asset-based credit limit (based on existing herd strength for feeding, housing improvement), community Insurance services, goat rearer’s group-based saving opportunities.
The above financial services are integrated with non-financial services such as preventative and first aid health services, information exchange on sale and purchase, price estimation through periodic live body weight, pro poor technology demonstration, linkage with input supplier, facilitation in collectivization of marketable surplus and so on.

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International Institute of Goat Management(IIGMA)

International Institute of Goat Management (IIGMA) is an academic and training wing of The Goat Trust (TGT). It provides several short-term and need-based certificate courses in the field of Livestock Business Management, Livestock Trade and Marketing, Commercial Goat Farming, etc. IIGMA has two campuses, one at Lucknow (U.P) and other at Deoghar. IIGMA is envisioned to prepare trained, skilled and competent professionals, managers and entrepreneurs in the field of Livestock business. It provides training and certificate courses for both job seekers and job providers in this field.

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IIGMA Image is a livestock trading and services arm of The Goat Trust. The primary focus is on providing quality breeds of goats and other small livestock at a Farm Fair Price. Through our dedicated team and advanced technology, we ensure the identification and availability of top-notch breeds, giving farmers access to the best livestock for their needs. It is a revolutionary online livestock marketplace connecting farmers and buyers nationwide to empower small goat rearers and ensuring fair prices. It comes with a user friendly platform in order to showcase the farmers’ high-quality livestock, while allowing buyers to browse through a wide range of options, ensuring transparency and convenience for all. has been envisioned to be a one stop solution for high quality productive goats breed improvement, distribution, legal requirements, training & support services, supply linkages & protocols, post and pre induction training. Payment security would be ensured and there would be zero mortality within 30 days. The CLTC (Central Livestock Trading Center) would provide need based sales support system
Besides, it provides the farmers with reliable information on saleable surplus goats through our Pashu Sakhi network. Using a unique coding system, we connect farmers with potential buyers, facilitating smooth and transparent transactions.

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Nandi Nandan Breeds & Seeds (India) Pvt Ltd.

Nandi Nandan Breed and Seeds (India) Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by The Goat Trust which has been created to deliver quality breeds and seeds at competitive price BY developing innovative market channels. Company is committed to reduce information gap between seller and producer and develop efficient community-based supply chain for livestock breeds and seeds.
Company provides improved technology to select and reproduce high quality livestock breeds and seeds by rural farmers (mostly women groups) and develop efficient supply chain system to deliver on demand. In this pursuit, the company has also developed an e-commerce platform essentially to link seller and buyer across globe.
Our Products The Company’s exclusive products include livestock breeds with special focus on domestic livestock like goats/sheep and backyard poultry (Hen/Duck). In addition, it also provides integrated services of delivery of seeds and feed at door step of farmer, feed, housing design and related accessories as required

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Center for Livestock Technology and Research

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