Genesis and Journey

The Present concept of The Goat Trust and Pashu Sakhi model had seen genesis in earlier days of Founding Trustee Shri Sanjeev Kumar. While working with PRADAN (Professional Assistance for Development Action) in Rajasthan on dairy based livelihoods in 1998, he was engaged with promotion of Self Help Groups and bank linkage for financial intermediation and initiating dairy based livelihoods. However dairy based livelihoods in dry land and drought prone areas had issues such as affordability, livestock maintenance and declining animal productivity which restricted farmers’ income. Alternatively, goat based farming yielded comparatively well for 25% of input cost of traditional dairy farming. It was, thus, established after discussing with community, that goats suit well to the dry climate as well as the pocket of marginalised farmers.

Our Journey

Idea and Conception

The idea on goat-based livelihood was conceived by the founding trustee Shri Sanjeev Kumar while working with PRADAN for promotion of dairy farming activities.

Experiments and Prototyping

An experiment with 26 farmers for goat farming started out in Rajasthan. Meanwhile with IBTADA experimented with the idea of training local women for providing basic goat management practices which turned out successful. Mr Rajesh Singhi (IBTADA) and Sanjeev Kumar felt the need for a systematic and standardized approach to small livestock farming.


On 29th September 2008, a formal legal entity comes into existence. The Goat Trust was registered as a charitable trust.

Grassroots Action Kicks Off

Idea of Pashu Sakhis developed in house The Goat Trust took up for implementation by few organizations in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana) and Maharashtra. Grassroots action started from here

Systems and Process Establishment

A dedicated team on building teams and systems within The Goat Trust was established. Also established a small team to conduct farm-based research and develop practical manuals to support partner organizations

Technical Resource Organization

The Goat Trust designated as technical resource organization to train community level workers and Pashu Sakhies on extending services on a cost recovery basis.

Scaling Up

Scaling Up with Government by signing MoU with Jharkhand State Livelihoods Promotion Society (JSLPS) for promoting goal-based livelihood extension model in Jharkhand

Awards and Recognition

The Goat Trust got awarded as an Innovative organization working on the livestock theme at Bihar Innovation Foundation (BIF). The Goat Trust participated in the International Innovation Fair in Afghanistan. MoU with World Vision India for large-scale training of Pashu Sakhies.